Airbnb Hosting In El Paso As An Investment

El Paso Airbnb LRT host and co-hosting services for texas landlords. Orange couch with wooden floor on airbnb rental.

Airbnb rentals are a great opportunity for El Paso homeowners who want to earn extra income that regular tenants can’t. You could…

  • Turn a break-even LTR into a profitable money making business.
  • Gain control and maintain more access to your property and its care.
  • Transparant processes and systems give you peace of mind and ways to grow.
  • With our team’s turn-key co-hosting service, you get to sit back and enjoy the cashflow.

Hosting on Airbnb could allow a single mother keep the home she loves, while an investor can generate more profits and you can definitely take advantage of this opportunity and start generating cashflow as well. Click on the Frequently Asked Questions to expand and see my answers.

On average, about how much more cashflow could I generate hosting?

Airbnb hosting is a business, so the success really depends on you but on average, based on our experiences, hosts can generate 1.5-3x the rent amount generated through regular tenants.

Does my home need to be new ?

No at all. In fact, if you have a spare bedroom in your 1920’s home that you can convert and rent out, people would welcome the quirks. However, for example, you don’t want to have a new home with old furniture or an old place with also old and tired furniture.

If not a new build, what I should aim for to ensure guest satisfaction?

Think aesthetics, systems, and customer service. You are in business, the extra profits are not often easy to maintain if you fail to deliver expectations.

About how much would I spend setting up an Airbnb unit?

El Paso Tx offers many sources for a cost effective set up. The average investment for a cozy, luxurious, and safe 1-2 bedroom rental is about $5k – $15k. We can however also set up units for less than $10k when setting up a blank canvas…

What if I don’t have the time to set up or host myself?

That’s the easiest thing to solve. Through my team, we offer a full-turnkey co-hosting partnership with concierge 24/7 for guests, cleaning system, handymen, and that starts with a done for you initial Airbnb set up, including setting up cameras and locks.

How soon could you have an Airbnb up and running?

I’ve had units set up in a week, some in a few and some in months. It really depends on the condition of the property and the goals for maximizing returns. If the home does not need much work and just staging set up, it could be as little as one week. Call 915-910-0908 and ask about my set up approach.

Do I need to have insurance in my property?

It is highly recommended that you. Not mandated by Airbnb and the company does provide Aircover which helps us hosts cover expenses caused by guests.

Who handles the hosting, questions, turnovers, etc. if I hire you?

Me, my team, and you. We work as partners, as extensions of the host, not as replacements completely unless that is exactly what you need.

How much do you charge for co-hosting?

My co-hosting is pretty straightforward; I have an initial set up deposit which is non-refundable once work has begun at a unit. After deposit, once unit is producing, management fees range from 10% to 35% off gross income. Give me a call at 915-910-0908 for more details.

Is it worth partnering with someone on the business?

It could be, but not always. Be careful with giving up equity only because you want ‘peace of mind’ knowing there is another person at risk with you. Unless they are providing a critical component that you cannot get on your own, partners shouldn’t be considered ‘equal.’

How do you as a homeowner know if Airbnb is a good investment option for you? There are a few quick and easy methods to assist you in your decision to host.

  • Mortgage is paid off or have a low payment and you live in a good area with lots of traffic and activities.
  • The 2% test is a guide, not a definitive yes or no answer, that historically speaking shows that homes who average 1-2% return are good long term investments. Once you have the projected monthly Airbnb Gross Revenue you divide that by the value of the property itself. Anything above 1% is considered a good sign.
  • If you are not local, do you have a system or co-host like Humberto Valle who can help you be your guy on the desk, your handyman coordinator, your property manager, your day to day operations manager? If you’re not local you should have someone to co-host with you.
  • If you have a failing Airbnb that isn’t booking, consider that it could not be the platform, market conditions, or just seasonality luck – theres plenty of us Hosts who have full bookings throughout the year. Message Humberto Valle Directly.

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