5 Things Home Owners Can Do Right Now To Save Money

It’s Monday August 21, 2022 & everything is going up in price, employees seem to be quitting on their jobs before they’ve even started working. People who are now having to come back to work are doing so forcefully, there’s a war going on, the economy seems to be a guessing game right and gas prices at least for now have dropped in price.

But no worries, at least here are five ways to save money around the house right now, you can finish reading this and then go immediately and start saving some moolah (spelling?)

Homeowners should remain vigilant for sneaky resource leaks such as window air leaks, running toilets, corroded exterior lines and more.

Way To Save #1

Go through your windows, especially if you have the A/C set nice and low, the fan must be blowing and if you have tiny cracks you have air leaks. Check and seal the ledges and around windows. * look for contractor’s packages, certain stores/items offer bundled savings *

Way To Save #2

You got it, easy tip #2 is to go check for water leaks. This could be something as sneaky as a quiet leaky toilet tank constantly running without you noticing, open the lids and check for flow – if you haven’t flushed for example there shouldn’t be any flow. All good there? How about checking a broken sprinkler or corroded hosebibb ? These drops can definitely creep up that cost for you.

Way To Save #3

Clean out the dryer lint and air exhaust duct. If you only clean out the little mesh filter inside the dryer unit you may not be doing enough. It’s recommended to also at least once a year to clean out the duct itself to help out the fan blower inside and overall heating performance which means less running time, higher heat efficiency and less electrical cost. Chaching! (spelling?)

Avoid that pesky mortgage insurance and save on average $125 per month.

Way To Save #4

Have you owned your home for a few years already? If you have for example been paying a more than expected each month for the last few years, have owned your home in El Paso, Tx for let’s say 5 years or more and you are current on your payments; you should call your lender and ask them if you are under the 80% debt to value ratio requirement from the insurance policy. If you are under, you can save yourself on average $125 per month by not having to pay the required insurance when you buy using an FHA backed loan for example.

Way To Save #5

If your home is needing more and more repairs and you are not married to the idea of growing old here, consider thinking like an investor when it comes to making the right decision on whether you should continue to add money and time to this property or if your current home equity and overall personal situation provide you with a good opportunity right now to exit out of your home, re-invest your equity into a home that’s nicer, maybe closer to your tribe or your day job. Start building equity there, save time and gas money and save yourself the hassle and money right now fixing the little annoyances. Right now sellers still have a great opportunity to squeeze in with ‘no repairs offered’ and still get top dollar offers. Who knows how demand from buyers will be in the next few months and or if sellers may have to start offering more incentives. Think like an investor and consider that maybe it could be a great time to sell and re-invest that equity.

I hope I was helpful, remember if you have any questions you can always text, call, message me at 915-910-0908. I’m a Texas licensed Realtor so if you need anything regarding Real Estate, go with humberto 🙂

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Your Ultimate Starter Guide to Real Estate in El Paso, Texas: Truths for Buyers

best realtor in el paso for selling a house

Welcome to El Paso, Texas—a vibrant city with a thriving real estate market! Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned seller, navigating the world of El Paso real estate can be a breeze with the right insights. Let’s explore some essential truths tailored to the local market, ensuring a seamless experience for both buyers and sellers.

1. FHA Loans in El Paso: Your Path to Affordable Homeownership

First-time homebuyers in El Paso! If your credit score hovers around 580, you could be eligible for an FHA loan, designed to make homeownership attainable with a lower credit score and down payment. This is particularly advantageous in El Paso’s diverse real estate landscape. FHA loans often come with extra funds to ease your down payment and closing costs burdens.

palo verde home builder in el paso brokered by clear view realty

2. El Paso Builders and FHA Assistance: Elevating Your Buying Experience

Dreaming of a brand-new home in El Paso? Builders here often collaborate with FHA assistance, offering you a unique advantage. This partnership can significantly reduce your overall purchase price and buying costs, making your El Paso homeownership dream more achievable than ever.

3. VA Loans in El Paso: Unleash Your Real Estate Potential

For eligible individuals in El Paso, VA loans are a game-changer. These loans offer unparalleled benefits, empowering you to increase your net worth through strategic real estate investments. Embrace the advantages of VA loans in El Paso’s dynamic housing market.

4. Your Trusted Partner in El Paso Real Estate Success

In El Paso’s competitive real estate scene, having the right partner can make all the difference. Don’t navigate the market alone. By collaborating with a local expert, you’ll maximize your profits and equity gains, thanks to their in-depth knowledge of El Paso’s unique real estate dynamics.

5. El Paso Realtors: Advocates for Your Success

Our El Paso realtors operate with the commitment of top-tier attorneys, prioritizing your best interests. While our role doesn’t involve creating contracts, we establish protective agreements that ensure you’re safeguarded throughout the process. Trust our El Paso realtors to guide you with your interests at heart.

6. Buying vs. Renting in El Paso: Dispelling the Myth

Let’s debunk a common myth in El Paso: buying a home is more affordable than renting. Even if your monthly payments appear slightly higher, the benefits of homeownership—such as security and flexibility—are invaluable. Embrace the El Paso real estate market’s potential and invest in your future.

7. Unmasking Truths in El Paso Real Estate

While media headlines might exaggerate market trends, your El Paso real estate decisions should be grounded in professional advice. Individual financial situations, not market fluctuations, determine your buying capacity. Rely on an El Paso real estate expert for accurate guidance.

8. Seizing El Paso Opportunities in Any Market

Amid uncertainties, El Paso real estate experts continue to secure fantastic deals. Rather than succumbing to hesitation, trust these professionals who are well-versed in El Paso’s market intricacies. Embrace the opportunities that await, regardless of market conditions.

Navigating El Paso’s Real Estate Terrain

El Paso’s real estate landscape holds immense potential for both buyers and sellers. Armed with these El Paso-centric truths, you’re equipped to make well-informed decisions that resonate with the local market. From favorable loan options to trustworthy partnerships and astute market insights, your journey in El Paso real estate promises excitement and success. Embrace the El Paso spirit and embark on your real estate adventure confidently!

Understanding the El Paso Real Estate Market:

  1. Diverse Neighborhoods: El Paso boasts a variety of neighborhoods, each with its unique charm and character. From the historic Sunset Heights to the family-friendly Eastwood, understanding the different neighborhoods will help you narrow down your search based on your preferences and lifestyle.
  2. Market Trends: Stay updated on current market trends in El Paso. Research the median home prices, market inventory, and the average time properties spend on the market. This information will give you a sense of the overall market health and help you make informed decisions.
  3. Economic Landscape: El Paso’s economic stability is a crucial factor affecting the real estate market. With a strong military presence, a growing healthcare industry, and a vibrant trade relationship with Mexico, El Paso offers a stable economic foundation, making it an attractive location for real estate investment.

The Home Buying Process in El Paso

  1. Financing Options: Explore various financing options available to homebuyers in El Paso. From traditional mortgages to local assistance programs, understanding your financing options will help you determine your budget and streamline the buying process.
  2. Working with Local Realtors: A knowledgeable local realtor is your best ally in navigating the El Paso real estate market. Look for a professional who understands the nuances of the local market, can guide you through the process, and has a track record of successful transactions.
  3. Property Inspections: Truths for buyers include the importance of thorough property inspections. Given El Paso’s diverse climate, ranging from hot summers to cooler winters, it’s essential to ensure that the property you’re interested in can withstand the local weather conditions.

Schedule a one on one meetup to go over your plans and goals, click here to schedule.

-Humberto Valle, MBA Realtor. Brokered by Clear View Realty

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Pet-Friendly Homes: A Growing Trend in Real Estate

A Growing Trend in Real Estate In El Paso Texas

In recent years, the demand for pet-friendly homes has significantly increased. According to a recent consumer survey conducted by, nearly three-quarters of prospective home buyers would not consider buying their dream home if it didn’t accommodate their pets. As a result, the concept of “barkitecture” has emerged, with home features specifically designed to cater to the needs of furry family members. From pet washing stations to outdoor catios, let’s explore how pet-friendly features are becoming a hot trend in the real estate market.

el paso new homes offer pet washing stations for semi-custom builds

New Home Pet-Friendly Features:

Pet owners have specific requirements when it comes to finding the perfect home for their four-legged companions. Some of the most sought-after pet-friendly features include:

  1. Fenced-In Yards: A secure and spacious yard allows pets to roam freely without the risk of running off. It provides a safe space for them to play and exercise.
  2. Dog Doors: Installing a dog door provides pets with the freedom to go in and out of the house as they please. This feature is especially convenient for busy pet owners who may not always be available to let their dogs out.
  3. Pet Washing Stations: Including a dedicated area for pet grooming, such as a pet washing station, is a highly desirable feature. It allows pet owners to conveniently bathe their pets without creating a mess in their own bathrooms. Browse homes in El Paso.
  1. “Catios”: For cat owners, having an enclosed outdoor space, commonly referred to as a “catio,” is a dream come true. Catios provide a safe and stimulating environment for cats to enjoy the outdoors while still being protected from potential dangers.

Health Hazards in Older Homes:

While searching for their dream homes, buyers should also be aware of potential health hazards that can be found in older properties. Here are three common dangers to watch out for:

  1. Lead: Homes built before 1978 may contain lead-based paint, plumbing fixtures, and dust and soil contaminated with lead. Exposure to lead can have severe health effects, especially in children. It is crucial to consult a certified lead professional before renovating or painting in older homes.
  1. Asbestos: Used before 1980, asbestos can be found in insulation, vinyl flooring, roofing felt, and other building materials. When disturbed, asbestos fibers can become airborne and pose a significant risk to health, including lung cancer and mesothelioma. It is important never to saw, sand, scrape, or drill into suspected asbestos materials.
  1. Mold: Areas with water exposure, such as leaky roofs, windows, or pipes, are prone to mold growth. Mold can cause respiratory issues, skin rashes, and even increase the risk of asthma in children. Professional remediation is recommended for areas larger than 100 square feet.

The Rise of Smart-Home Technology:
In addition to pet-friendly features and health considerations, the real estate market is also witnessing the rise of smart-home technology. The latest buzzword, “Matter,” refers to a new protocol that promotes compatibility among smart-home devices and systems, regardless of the brand. This advancement allows homeowners to operate their smart devices seamlessly across multiple systems, enhancing the overall user experience.

As the demand for pet-friendly homes continues to grow, it is essential for real estate professionals to understand and embrace this trend. Including pet-friendly features and addressing potential health hazards in older homes can make a significant difference in attracting buyers. Additionally, staying up-to-date with advancements in smart-home technology ensures that properties remain relevant in an ever-evolving market.

Note: Please insert relevant pictures throughout the blog post to enhance visual appeal and provide visual examples of the mentioned features and hazards.

best realtor in el paso texas humberto valle buy a house in el paso icon logo showing labrador dog and el paso home in the background, real estate deal finders name

Humberto Valle, MBA Lic. Realtor

Call or Text: 915-910-0909

Email: realtorhumbertovalle@humbertovalle

Browse for homes in El Paso here.

Discover Your Dream Home in El Paso, Texas – Your Ultimate Real Estate Guide

Welcome to El Paso, Texas, a vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage and a thriving real estate market. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, relocating to the area, or simply looking for a change, our comprehensive real estate guide will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. From stunning neighborhoods to top-notch schools and amenities, El Paso has something for everyone. Let’s dive into the world of real estate in El Paso and help you find your dream home.

  1. Exploring El Paso’s Neighborhoods: El Paso is known for its diverse neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm and appeal. From the historic and eclectic downtown area to the family-friendly suburbs, we’ll take you on a tour of the most popular neighborhoods in El Paso. Discover their distinct features, housing options, amenities, and proximity to schools and transportation. Whether you’re seeking a quiet suburban lifestyle or a bustling urban atmosphere, El Paso has the perfect neighborhood for you.
  2. Finding Your Ideal Home: Searching for your dream home in El Paso can be both exciting and overwhelming. Our guide will provide you with valuable tips and resources to streamline your search process. From determining your budget and preferred home size to understanding the local real estate market trends, we’ll equip you with the knowledge you need to make a confident decision. Explore the different types of available properties for sale, including single-family homes, condos, townhouses, and more. We’ll also guide you through the steps of financing, making offers, and negotiating to ensure a smooth homebuying experience.
  3. El Paso’s Real Estate Market Trends: Staying informed about the local real estate market in El Paso is crucial when buying or selling a property. We’ll provide you with up-to-date market insights, including median home prices, appreciation rates, and inventory levels in El Paso. Understanding these trends will help you make informed decisions about timing your purchase or sale, maximizing your investment, and gaining a competitive edge in the El Paso property market.
  4. Local Amenities and Attractions: El Paso offers a wide range of amenities and attractions that contribute to its exceptional quality of life. Discover top-rated schools, parks, shopping centers, dining spots, and entertainment venues in El Paso. These amenities, along with the city’s unique cultural events, festivals, and outdoor activities, make El Paso an ideal place to call home.
  5. Expert Advice and Resources: As experienced real estate professionals in El Paso, we’re here to provide you with expert advice and valuable resources throughout your homebuying journey. Connect with trusted real estate agents in El Paso who can assist you in finding your dream home. We’ll also connect you with reliable mortgage lenders, home inspectors, and other local service providers to ensure a seamless experience.

Start Your El Paso Real Estate Journey Today: If you’re ready to embark on your El Paso real estate journey, begin by exploring our comprehensive listings of homes for sale in El Paso.

With our expert guidance and insider tips, you’ll have all the tools you need to find your dream home in this beautiful city. Take advantage of the thriving El Paso housing market and start your search today!

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Real Estate Investor Partners and Non Disclosure Agreements

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A Curated Checklist For New Small Business Owners

Starting a business is exciting!!

Or it should be…

We don’t ever want it to stay small but often times that’s where we’re stuck for years if not forever. But why?

You are good at what you do, you get referrals and repeat customers… Why can’t you grow? Sometimes, oftentimes, from my years in consulting companies in various industries and countries is that the issue is typically twofold:

1) Lack of competitive strategy &

2) Lack of systems.

But if large companies miss this, how is a Small Business Owner (SMBO) supposed to be witty enough to know what to do to ‘grow’ ?

The answer? WE CANNOT BE.

The good news? #1 & #2 above aren’t that hard to achieve but it requires some retooling of your nogging. We gotta re-learn what is the real business you’re in, what is expected versus what you assume is expected, what is valuable and learn to ignore the norm and stand out as a result.

Start with this simple checklist to make sure you’re off to a good general start before you go get a license and all that.

I share tips and advice to make running your business fun and profitable.

Whether you are a REALTOR or SMALL BUSINESS OWNER here in El Paso or elsewhere, this list should give you a pretty direct plan outline. I hope it helps you shortcut the learning curve I had without sacrificing the values that give you that advantage. I simplify everything to easy-to-do tasks that build up to massive effect.

Stay organized and cover all your essential business startup needs:


Define Your Business / Idea:

  1. Conduct Market Research:
    • *Study your target market, competitors, and industry trends.
    • *Identify customer needs, preferences, and potential demand.
  2. Develop a Business Plan:
    • *Outline your business goals, strategies, and financial projections.
    • *Marketing Plan (, logo, paid ads, seo, niche, etc.)
    • Operations Plan
    • Financial Plan (will vary depending on who is seeing this and for what)
  3. Establish Legal Structure:
    • Choose a legal structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, etc.).
    • Register your business with the appropriate government authorities.
  4. Secure Financing:
    • Determine your itemized startup costs and create a budget. (This is often your first test from a lender/investor’s perspective)
    • Explore funding options such as loans, grants, or investments.
  5. Set Up Business Operations:
    • Obtain necessary licenses, permits, and registrations.
    • Set up a business bank account and bookkeeping system.
  6. Build Your Team:
    • Determine the roles and skills required for your business.
    • Hire employees or contractors as needed, and establish HR policies.
    • Sometimes your team is remote or SaaS based. Do your homework before committing out there.
  7. Develop Your Brand:
    • *Create a compelling brand identity, including a logo and website.
    • *Craft a strong value proposition and key messaging.
  8. Plan Your Marketing Strategy:
    • *Identify your target audience, watering holes, interests, dislikes, etc.
    • *Identify needs, wants, urgencies, channels,methods, etc.
    • *Develop campaign strategies for online marketing efforts.
    • Develop a schedule or handbook for simple, repeating tasks.
  9. Establish Systems and Processes:
    • Set up efficient workflows and operational processes. (Once you know what your real business and role are)
    • Implement inventory management, sales, and customer service systems.
  10. Obtain Insurance:
    • Protect your business with appropriate insurance coverage.
    • Consider general liability, property, and professional liability insurance.
  11. Ensure Legal and Regulatory Compliance:
    • Continue educating yourself with local, state, and federal regulations.
    • Comply with tax laws, employment regulations, and data privacy requirements.
  12. Launch and Monitor Performance:
    • Execute your launch plan and monitor initial performance.
    • Continuously evaluate and adjust your business strategies as needed.

Remember, each business is unique and additional steps may be required depending on your industry and specific circumstances. Regularly review and update your checklist to adapt to changing needs and opportunities. Good luck with your journey! I’m here if you need me.

If you use this let me know your thoughts, I’d like to explore ways of improving it. Also, Realtors don’t be afraid to reach out with questions.

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Taxes Too High? : Selling Your Overvalued Home Could Be a Game-Changer

el paso homeowner wondering what to do about paying property taxes in el paso texas

If you purchased a home in El Paso over a decade ago, you could be sitting on a real estate goldmine. With soaring property values and potential tax increases, it’s crucial to consider selling an overvalued home. By leveraging your sale profits, you can strategically invest in a lower-tax property or one with less maintenance, maximizing your financial gains. In this post, we’ll explore why selling an overvalued home is a transformative decision and how the best realtor in El Paso can assist you.

  1. Capitalizing on Increased Property Values:

Over the past decade, El Paso has experienced a significant surge in property values. As a homeowner who purchased during that period, you likely have seen substantial appreciation in your home’s value. By capitalizing on this appreciation and selling your overvalued home, you can unlock a considerable amount of equity.

el paso homeowner deciding to sell a real estate property or a home to pay bills or reinvest or keep the equity.
  1. Mitigating Higher Taxes:

As property values rise, so does the potential for increased property taxes. Selling an overvalued home can be a strategic move to avoid or mitigate the burden of higher taxes. By transitioning to a property in a lower tax bracket, you can maintain more control over your expenses and preserve your hard-earned profits.

  1. Downsizing for Less Maintenance:

After owning a home for a significant period, some homeowners desire a change that involves less maintenance. Selling an overvalued property allows you to downsize to a more manageable home, such as a condominium or townhouse. These options often come with lower maintenance responsibilities, freeing up your time and resources for other pursuits.

el paso homeowner wondering what to do about paying property taxes in el paso texas
  1. Enhancing Lifestyle and Amenities:

By leveraging the proceeds from selling your overvalued home, you can upgrade your lifestyle by investing in a property that offers better amenities and features. El Paso boasts diverse neighborhoods with various options, such as proximity to parks, schools, shopping centers, or recreational facilities. With the assistance of the best realtor in El Paso, you can find the perfect home that aligns with your desired lifestyle.

  1. Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio:

Selling an overvalued home presents an excellent opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio. By reallocating the proceeds into alternative investments, such as additional real estate properties or other financial instruments, you can further enhance your financial stability and potential for growth.

  1. Leveraging Financing Opportunities:

When selling an overvalued property, the substantial equity you’ve accumulated can be utilized as a down payment on your next home. This allows you to take advantage of favorable financing options and potentially secure a more advantageous mortgage rate. Working with a knowledgeable realtor who understands the local market dynamics can help you find the best financing opportunities for your new property.

el paso's best real estate agent humberto valle offers services and free guidance to el paso homeowners facing higher property taxes.

Selling an overvalued home in El Paso after owning it for more than a decade presents a remarkable opportunity to maximize your profits and upgrade your living situation. By leveraging the equity from the sale, you can invest in a property in a lower tax bracket, downsize for less maintenance, or enhance your lifestyle with better amenities. The assistance of the best realtor in El Paso will ensure that you navigate this transformative process smoothly and make informed decisions. Don’t miss out on the chance to capitalize on the booming real estate market and secure your financial future.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities? Contact the best realtor in El Paso today and take the first step towards unlocking your real estate potential.

Learn more about us, click for what to look for in a really good realtor.

Congratulations, El Paso’s new graduates! 💎 🎓 Don’t lose your edge. While enjoying a stable job, now consider making your financial future just a bit more flexible. Buy a home as an investment in your future. For family, for a future business, a future career… Call 915-910-0908 for a free consultation.

#GraduatesInvest #NeverTooEarly #ElPasoStrong #GowithHumberto #ElPaso #justgraduated #offtocollege #collegegrad #UTEPGrad #Igrauduated

Click here to see El Paso’s Texas Homes For Sale


Common Next Step for College Graduates in El Paso, TX

El Paso Graduates!! Congratulations on your recent graduation and successful transition into a stable job in El Paso, Texas! As you embark on this new chapter of your life, you may be considering taking another significant step—buying a house. This blog post is specifically tailored to college graduates who are now married and ready to invest in their own home.

Let’s explore why buying a house as newlyweds in El Paso can be a fantastic idea.

  1. Building Equity and Financial Stability: One of the key advantages of homeownership is building equity over time. By purchasing a house, you are investing in an asset that has the potential to appreciate in value. As a college graduate with a stable job, owning a home allows you to build long-term wealth and financial stability.

  1. Personalization and Stability: Renting can provide flexibility, but it often limits your ability to personalize your living space. As newlyweds, buying a house gives you the freedom to create a home that reflects your unique style and preferences. Additionally, owning a home provides a sense of stability, which is especially important as you begin your journey as a married couple.

  1. Tax Benefits and Long-Term Savings: Homeownership brings potential tax benefits that can positively impact your financial situation. As homeowners, you may be eligible for deductions on mortgage interest, property taxes, and certain home-related expenses. These tax benefits, combined with the opportunity to build equity, contribute to long-term savings and increased financial security.
Picture Description: young el paso texas couple reviewing their home buying documents and calculating potential tax savings related to homeownership for humberto valle realtor in texas.

As college graduates with stable jobs and a strong foundation for your future, buying a house as newlyweds in El Paso, TX, can be an excellent decision. From building equity and financial stability to personalization and potential tax benefits, homeownership offers numerous advantages. Take the next step towards your dream home and create a haven where your love and dreams can flourish.

REI Partners vs NDAs

A NDA is a legally binding contract that established the relationship with rights to confidentiality. While these contracts are helpful and quick to leverage, in Real Estate most investors would never admit to this, but NDAs wouldn’t hold back hungry investors from acting on the information you provided during the initial feasibility studies and conversations with these potential investors and real estate partners.

Generally speaking, the benefits of an NDA include:

  1. Prevents the sharing of confidential information: An NDA ensures that confidential information is not shared with anyone outside the parties involved, residents of El Paso Tx or elsewhere as is not limited by income tax state. This helps preserve the integrity of the information and ensures that it is not misused or exploited.
  2. Establishes a legal agreement between parties: An NDA creates a legal agreement that outlines the arrangement’s terms and conditions. This helps protect both parties and ensures that their interests are protected.
  3. Reduces the possibility of litigation: By signing an NDA, both parties agree to the terms and conditions of the arrangement. This reduces the possibility of litigation and ensures that disputes are dealt with civilly.
  4. Protects proprietary information: An NDA helps protect proprietary information and confidential data by outlining the restrictions on its use and disclosure. This helps ensure that the information is not misused or exploited by competing investors.
  5. Promotes trust between parties: An NDA helps promote trust by establishing transparency and accountability. This is especially true if you are going through a new project with a new RE investor partner for the first time. This helps ensure that each party is aware of their obligations and rights.

Real estate investors need to use NDAs in the company’s early days. NDAs provide a legal framework for protecting confidential information and can help prevent the unauthorized disclosure of trade secrets. These secrets can be insignificant to you but to someone trying to learn as much as they can will absorb your insights and secrets of the trade and apply them in their own property deals. Unless you’re training and receiving compensation for the skillset provided, most wouldn’t want to train the competition for free.

There are many little tricks of the trade that we pick up through the years of doing the same thing a million different ways. This is your skillset, your differentiator. Having NDA may seem like something for tech companies or manufacturer of a new product, but in reality, it’s a simple agreement that is often overlooked but in the moment it’s needed – it pays for itself 100 times over.

Hope this helps. Thank you for reading.

Tropicana Homes Awards Scholarships Nov 2022

images retrieved from Tropicana’s website

Tropicana Properties awarded two residents today with over $60,000 in scholarships to attend Western Tech College. The recipients, Michael Gonzalez, resident at Castner Palms and Richard Oquendo, resident at Patriot Palms, were each presented with their checks by Bobby Bowling IV and Randy Bowling, owners of Tropicana Properties. The company announced it will additionally award four more scholarships in 2023.

I remember, back when I attended Ysleta E.S. and then Y.M.S. and Y.H.S. there was a group of us friends who gratuated an El Paso High School with a scholarship promise from a principal or something that provided about 100 of us at the time the scholarship was promised in Elem. School and if we were to graduate in the appropriate year then we’d be able to collect. That summer, my friends and I enthusiastically went to CompuDepot I think it was called? There’s a Home Goods there now lol Anyway, we got ourselves laptops and everything that comes with buying one. The rest was used for gas and rent. How much did we each get? About $5,000 each. Which helped us a lot! I can’t imagine getting such a lofty present just before the holidays. Knowing your education is paid for.

Great Job Tropicana Homes with their giving back effort. They don’t blast it, no one asked them to. They just do it.


I don’t know about you, but I think that is super cool! Below is a bit more from their post;

About the Scholarship Recipients

Michael Gonzalez from Castner Palms will be attending the welding program. He is a single parent of three ranging in ages from 12-17 yrs. Mr. Gonzalez has been an active and stable parental figure for his children and would like to show them that it is never too late in life to fulfill your dreams.

Richard Oquendo from Patriot Palms is a positive community member for last 14 years. His aspirations are to become a homeowner and is currently receiving homebuyer financial coaching. His perseverance and ambitions have helped him improve his financial foundation and lead him to receiving this scholarship opportunity.

About Tropicana Properties

Since 2001, Tropicana Properties has become one of the largest and most successful apartment development/ownership/management family of companies in the country. With 42 complexes and over 3,900 units properties throughout the El Paso community by the end of 2025, Tropicana Properties’ mission is to place current residents on the path of homeownership as demonstrated by their motto, “Let Tropicana Properties put you in a Tropicana Home.”

Now that’s commitment and passion.

Would you like to tour some of their home? Perhaps, get some in your inbox?

Request Tropicana’s List With The Form Below:

Humberto Valle does not currently represent any interests belonging to Tropicana Homes. Please contact me with further questions and to schedule tours of their East or West El Paso communities.

November’s Featured Property In EP.

About This Featured Listing

3017 Woodhead Pl, El Paso Texas 79938

Picture yourself driving past a movie theatre, in the distance seeing there’s a large hospital available for you and your loved ones if needed, there’s ton’s of restaurants on your way home.

Walmat, Target, Lowes, a few sports bars and plenty of restaurants. You make your way just past Pebble Hills High! “GO SPARTANS!” – and just like that – you’re home. Upon arrival a formal entry awaits, the colors are earthy and mellow bringing out relaxed vibes. You like it here. The carpeted bedrooms, the high ceilings in the right places, the large driveway for your cars and the garage for your hobbies and training gear.

If you have been looking for a home, this may be the one you wanted.

  • 3 spacious bedrooms
  • 2 full bathrooms
  • Elegant Earthy Interior
  • 2 Car Garage
  • Near Major Family Entertainment & Education centers.
  • Large lot in a quiet community 5 minutes away from Pebble Hills High School.

Beautiful open floor plan with granite countertops, kitchen island, tons of storage and cabinets, large laundry room, double car garage & carpeting in all the right places. Tenants are military and relocating in a few months. 

Looking to Invest in El Paso ?

This property is already split allowing you to track expenses for tax and utility purposes separately.

As of 11/12/2022, the average rental income expected for this house is approximately $1500-$1650.

I strongly believe and have the experience to assume that it would run as an Airbnb very nicely as well. Schedule a call to chat about it and see if its the right fit for you.

  • Read about my Airbnb services here.

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