Military Relocating Services

Whether you’re buying a home just for yourself while PCSing in El Paso or you’re buying prepping for your future and want to keep the home after you PCS again – our team of Real Estate Deal Finders can help you. We find deals for buyers and sellers. If you’re a military buyer, this page is for you.

Our team offers a professional approach to house hunting remotely, including:

  • Home Previewing Via Video
  • Picture & Video Reporting
  • Time Is Of The Essense Management
  • Strategic Bidding On Properties You Love
  • Weekend Availability
  • Flexible Buyer Broker Commission Paid By Sellers

Professional home buying services mean you get help from a Realtor who has been trained to think like a salesperson and to search and network to find the best deals for you but also trained to think like a lender so that we don’t waste your time pursuing a home that may ultimately not be able to be sold. We use our tools and expertise to save you time and money during your El Paso home buying journey.

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Did you know?

You can also enjoy a nice 30% Discount on MOVE-IN DEEP CLEANING services for your new home.

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El Paso Is More Than A Passthrough City.

We are a culture of happiness and comradery, it’s actually common for me to hear from VA sellers looking to downsize that they were originally stationed here many years ago and simply decided to either come back or stay and retire here.

El Paso Texas is a beautiful city, perfectly placed logistically speaking for any entrepreneur looking to leave a mark as well as surrounded by things to do. Although not quite like a big city area – but getting there.

I Believe El Paso Is Great For Raising A Family.

Military families relocating to El Paso go through a unique experience and not many agents are able to relate or much less, actually be able to help you – that’s why you may have heard plenty of stories from people you know that “realtor’s aren’t good” or that “you don’t need one, you’ll end up homeless for a week or so because of. the timing in closing,” etc. etc.

As a Relocation Expert Service – we have the team, the resources and experiences navigating this difficult period and we do our very best to earn your future referrals by making the relocation, the move, the searching of a home, and selling a home as easy as possible for you. If needed we can also provide short term stay at an Airbnb in El Paso as. we wait for your home purchase to finalize.

Military buyers are often juggling many things for you and your family for everything that’s involved with relocating all at once and all urgent. So it’s very important for you to pair up with a great local agent who works fast and creatively to help you during this home-buying process.

PCS military family moving to el paso texas. Where are the best areas to live in el paso texas. Free airbnb stay for military buyers in el paso.

On a few occasions, I have gotten calls from Military moms or dads asking me to help find a home within a few days. Sometimes families have to live out of their suitcases in a hotel or Airbnb while they wait for their home purchase to complete and get keys. That’s why I am very proud to introduce another cool perk of working with our team; A 1 Week of FREE #Airbnb Lodging for your family as we wait for the property to close.

El Paso's Investor Friendly Realtor Humberto Valle helps you find properties with cashflow and good roi

Up to one week FREE Airbnb lodging for your family as we wait for the property to close.

El Paso, Texas, is an awesome city with a rich cultural heritage and a killer real estate market. Whether you’re a newbie homebuyer, looking to relocate, or just craving a change, our comprehensive real estate guide is your ultimate ticket to making an informed decision. From really pretty neighborhoods to top-notch schools and venues, El Paso has something for everyone. So, buckle up and let’s dive into the world of real estate in El Paso.

Schedule a free buyer consultation today. Time is of the essence, request a call or meeting today. I will match your sense of urgency.

Now, I know that if you haven’t been to our beautiful city before then you may be having some very valid fears and questions! Don’t miss out my blog entry where I share a little bit of everything to get you familiarized with our lovely town and our culture.

El Paso military homes buyer perks and benefits from humberto valle realtor

Is El Paso A Military Friendly Town? Find out here.

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